Washington State Patrol

Case Study


After a very sharp drop in Internet visitors to their recruitment pages, the Washington State Patrol hired us to develop a fresh and exciting Internet campaign to increase traffic and, ultimately, boost recruitment.


Working closely with the Washington State Patrol, we created fresh new Web ads with a brand new slogan. Our clean, new design and powerful messaging appealed to both the sense of service and pride in the target demographic.


We first identified the best markets for the Internet campaign utilizing historical data to maximize results. Then we targeted the most viable candidates for career employment in the Washington State Patrol. We engaged the prospective applicants utilizing a broad spectrum of platforms, including mobile, Youtube, Facebook, and display targeting.


In only thirty-eight days, we were able to generate over 4.5 million impressions while maintaining a click-through rate that was well above industry standards. This CTR resulted in a 145% increase in page views above the year to date average and an incredible 351% increase in page views above the preceding two months before the campaign.

“We demonstrate this passion and commitment to our clients with our professional organization and communication skills and our ability to make any marketing initiative successful, while keeping the client fully involved in the process.”