Arizona DES

Case Study


In Arizona, there was a record increase in the number of children needing foster care while, at the same time, there was a decrease in available foster care homes in the state. Our goal was to create an impactful campaign that increased the number of available foster care homes.


We were hired in April of 2014 by the AZDES – Division of Child Safety & Family Services to achieve this goal within a defined budget that included both paid media and a statewide PSA campaign in English and Spanish. We conducted numerous focus groups as a part of preproduction to guarantee that our client’s resources were maximized.


As one of Arizona’s largest media buying firms, we were able to develop a broad strategy that included traditional media (television, radio, and billboards) and social media (Facebook, Adwords, and streaming radio stations), while customizing the message to appeal directly to the target demographics in each market.


The final case study revealed a campaign that produced 6 million impressions, 802.4% over achieved media coverage for very little actual monetary budget, and the successful recruitment of foster families. As part of our negotiations with our media partners, we were able to achieve over 30% in added value with additional spots, billboards, and Internet placement, which contributed to the overall campaign success.

“We demonstrate this passion and commitment to our clients with our professional organization and communication skills and our ability to make any marketing initiative successful, while keeping the client fully involved in the process.”