Arizona Attorney General

Case Study


The Arizona Attorney General wanted to address the very serious subject of human trafficking in Arizona by running a series of PSAs. As part of our discovery process, we needed to find the most viable outlets where the message would be most impactful. Targeting was for the Phoenix and Tucson DMAs.



We needed this campaign to be top-of-mind in the public, especially with the target demographic of men 25+, while also reaching overall adults strongly, including women.

The PSAs featured prominent and beloved sports personalities, such as Kurt Warner, and targeted highly viewed basketball and football programming.



With a limited budget for paid :30 spots in sports programming, we negotiated and placed 3 phases of the campaign. The campaigns achieved negotiated 3-for-1 PSA no charge spots and over 8 million estimated impressions within the 2-month window leading up to the Superbowl.

“We demonstrate this passion and commitment to our clients with our professional organization and communication skills and our ability to make any marketing initiative successful, while keeping the client fully involved in the process.”