We are GEO

A national and international elite marketing agency with over 15 staff members available to meet your needs

Our commitment is that when given the opportunity we personally invest all resources and staff power to produce a strategy for success. We deliver highly targeted tactics that broaden your brand voice with the highest levels of reach and frequency, creating results that will increase your bottom line. When you hire Geo & Associates, you aren’t just hiring an agency, you’re hiring a partner who is as invested in your success as you are. Our winning combination far exceeds what any other agency can deliver. 


Our Highly Experienced Leadership Team

Georgia Lacy

Owner/President – Founded Geo in 1981

Theodore Serrano

Vice President – 25 years with Geo

Mitch Eskritt

Media Buyer and Strategist – 8 years with Geo

Jeff Mohney

Video Production and Graphics – 12 years with Geo

Jeremy Smith

Graphic Design – 9 years with Geo