Boys and Girls Club

Case Study


The Boys & Girls Club of Tucson needed help to broaden their reach to more donors and volunteers; however, they needed to do this with the limited budget of a non-profit.


We felt that a statewide PSA campaign would be the most effective messaging medium for the Boys & Girls Club. Due to their budget constraints, we were positive that we would be able to use our media connections to secure TV and radio spots above and beyond their budget.


We worked with the Boys & Girls Club to develop a strong campaign with themes that would connect across mediums. Consistent messaging would be the key to this campaign’s success.


All of the TV and radio PSA’s were written, created, filmed, and produced in-house. We then monitored the campaign so that we could track efficacy.


By the end of the campaign we were able to deliver $700,828 worth of no charge spots on TV and radio. 2011 was 20% higher, with PSA spots documented at $855,000. This coverage was crucial to the fundraising efforts of Boys & Girls Club of Tucson. It increased the donations that pay for Character & Leadership Development, Education & Career Development, Health & Life Skills, and many other necessary programs.

“We demonstrate this passion and commitment to our clients with our professional organization and communication skills and our ability to make any marketing initiative successful, while keeping the client fully involved in the process.”